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                    New Fall Classes!
Kids for Peace

Fall Art Classes provides students with a sense of achievement and a solid foundation in art. In the fall line-up, students will learn how to draw by carrying out illustrative exercises and discussions that will improve their artistic abilities.                                       Come, check it out now! 

Calling All  Homeschool Parents

A new course is now available! 

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Homeschooling families can enroll their children in this ongoing art class to give them dedicated art time without having to teach it themselves. Students in this class need to be comfortable getting messy and to know that art is not about reproducing what the teacher has done. Learning about different techniques and expressing creativity will be encouraged in this course.

Online Art Classes

The course gives students a sense of accomplishment and a solid drawing foundation. Drawing exercises and discussions will improve students' artistic abilities. Students will gain confidence through exploring the practice of sketching.

If your child always wanted to learn how to draw but has been a little discouraged to start the drawing process, this class may help them learn new ways of sketching to help them see the world around them.

In this course, we will learn the fundamentals of semi-realistic portrait drawing through weekly guides and tutorials. We will review drawing basic shapes and forms while understanding facial proportions through lines, shapes, tones, and texture. We will focus on different face areas that will lead them to draw a final independent portrait.

About My Teaching Style at 
Wandering Pencil
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Wandering Pencil was founded on my innate desire to help kids cultivate awareness and creative self-expression through art and movement. I combine my teaching, art, and yoga expertise to create a unique Mindful Art Practice that helps kids develop artistic skills and improve their overall wellbeing.​

Kids love art and creating with their hands. These unique humans are masters of the moment – they love the feeling and freedom of doodling with pencils.

My online art classes and courses are usually aimed at beginners of drawing or anyone looking to explore a mindfulness practice differently and approachable way. My techniques are primarily drawing exercises that help people build trust, creativity and connect to the world around them. 

​I believe that drawing is such a rewarding and enjoyable skill, and anyone should have access to learning what they need to feel happy and confident with their drawings. 


This is why my mantra is – allow your Pencil to give you the freedom to take you anywhere, without judgment!

I teach a variety of types of art online, but I teach mostly: 

  • Facial Expressions and Characters 

  • Characters from Anime Series, Movies, and Mangas 

  • Body and Facial Compositions of Anime / Manga Characters

  • Doodles 

  • Abstract Art Forms 

  • Cartoon Characters 

  • Quirky Animals 

  • Illustrations of All Sorts!

​My role is to provide them with inspiration and the necessary materials and then stand back and let them soar!


Hope to See You Soon! 

~ Tammy

Happy Kid

Gayla B 


My son enjoyed this teacher. He found her to be kind as she guided the students through each step of the drawing process


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