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Flexible Classes 

Flexible learning is a method that gives students freedom in how, what, when, and where they learn. My classes are designed to provide flexibility with remote interaction and personalized feedback scheduled around your time.

You are invited to check them out below:

Anime Portraits Beginner's Drawing Class Draw Anime Learn to Draw Portraits in Anime Manga

Draw Anime: Learn to Portraits in Anime Style With Interesting Expressive Tropes

Flexible Schedule Course 


We will learn how to draw anime expressions with keys tropes to convey emotion in our drawings. We will sketch unique anime/manga faces focusing on different art techniques to help create unique eyes, hair, heads & character.

Draw Anime sketch manga learn to draw Thumbnail.png

Anime Drawing for Beginners: Learn How to Draw Anime/Manga Style Characters!

Flexible Schedule Course 


Drawing a simple anime person - the style of anime characters can seem hard because there are usually more options and "rules." We'll explore guidelines and basic forms on how to draw anime characters through weekly guides and tutorials.

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