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Art Class
Kids for Peace

Calling all creative kids and parents want to have drawing activities as part of the fall homeschool or after-school schedule.

As an art tutor, the courses are set up to help students feel inspire while finding their inner artist through art. 

This fall, my priority is to show your child enrichment and joy that can come along with sketching. While keeping our families safe and healthy.


Choose the option that meets your needs! 

Fall Classes 
ART Online

Homeschool Art Class 101 Ongoing Art Curriculum for Budding Artists to Explore.jpg

Homeschool Art Class 101: Ongoing Art Curriculum for Budding Artists to Explore (Ages 9 to 11)

Using art-making techniques and supplies, students will create their creative artwork inspired by artists around the world while exploring the elements of art. We have a great time learning together, whether homeschooling or after school.

Beginner-s Guide to Pencil Drawing 101 Braving the Art Elements of Sketching Homeschool Ar

Beginner's Guide to Pencil Drawing 101: Braving the Art Elements of Sketching (Ages 9 to 12)

The course gives students a sense of accomplishment and a solid drawing foundation. Drawing exercises and discussions will improve students' artistic abilities. Students will gain confidence through exploring the practice of sketching.

Beginners art class sketch faces portraits for beginners Draw Semi-Realistic Faces portrai

Learn to Draw Female Portraits: Beginner's Sketch Guide to Semi-Realistic Faces

(Ages 9 to 13)

We will learn to draw portraits of semi-realistic female faces through segmented weekly guides & tutorials. Each class has the opportunity to practice pencil drawing for the face, eyes, nose, mouth while finding your voice.

Explore Drawing Manga Anime Characters in Fanart Style Beginners Drawing Guide.png

Learn to Draw Anime / Manga Fandom: How to Sketch Anime Characters for Beginners (Ages 10 to 13) 

Each week, it's all about an anime character from Demon Slayer, My Hero Academia, to movies from Studio Ghibli. We will focus on different anime styles through different characters while learning the basics of head portions and beyond.

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