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Tammy Whelan

Let's Doodle, Sketch and Write to Build Our Life, Interests, and Minds

Hello! I am Tammy Whelan. You can call me "Tammy" or "Ms. Tammy." I am an artist and teacher focused on helping my students discover themselves through art! I teach beginners ways to doodle, sketch, and draw in my art classes.


These art forms encourage calming breath and hand movement activities that mindfully stimulate focus and overall well-being. I teach a variety of types of art, but I teach primarily:

  • Facial Expressions and Characters

  • Characters from Anime Series, Movies, and Mangas

  • Body and Facial Compositions of Anime / Manga Characters

  • Doodles

  • Abstract Art Forms

  • Cartoon Characters

  • Quirky Animals

  • Illustrations of All Sorts!


With over 20 years of teaching and tutoring experience and degrees in Psychology, I have created a personalized pedagogical approach to learning for all my students. Being certified and registered as a member of the National Tutoring Association and Yoga Alliance and training in Arts in Health and SEL*F, I am passionate about cultivating a growth mindset that encourages effort and perseverance.


A Personalized Approach

I run an interactive and collaborative classroom, making it a point to adapt to my student's learning styles, schedules, and needs. My effort is to ensure that my students have feel good about their efforts at the end of each class.


I motivate my students to dive deep and enjoy the very process of creating art rather than simply focusing on the end product. My approach to teaching involves believing in the uniqueness of each child and seeking to connect with and draw out that aspect of theirs into their art.

How Does Art Help Your Child?

Kids thoroughly enjoy the feeling of doodling with pencils or smearing paints and fingers on paper. They are the masters of the moment who love creating art with their hands. Art is, primarily, a great way to channel their growing energy into pleasurable activity and experience.


The best part about mindfulness through art is that it doesn't involve quiet meditation but rather an active conversation with your mind and awareness of your actions. It helps enhance your focus to enhance your drawing practice because you are more aware of your mistakes and accomplishments.


Art gives your child a chance to become both an explorer and a curator while developing their creative and critical thinking skills at their own pace. From my perspective, both art and writing are incredibly therapeutic and just as important as other educational courses. I provide my students with a safe learning environment that meets their understanding level and promotes ideas without fear of making mistakes in my art classes.


What Can You or Your Child Learn At My Classes?

As a child, my pencil and sketchbook were my fierce companions, and I always found myself wrapped around anything art-related. Through sketching, I discovered new worlds and uncovered their secrets. It's an adventure that I aim to share with my students. ​


I believe that drawing is a valuable and enjoyable skill. I consider my role as an artist and tutor to inspire you and give you the necessary tools you or your child need to feel good about your art and soar without judgment!


I look forward to meeting you or your children in my class, and I am incredibly excited to see you start this new creative journey!

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