Winter 2022
Online Art Classes


Wandering Pencil Art Classes offers interactive art programs to deepen skill development. Each class is perfect for homeschool, after-school, or just for fun.

Each class is designed with beginners to immediate skills in mind. Most classes are perfect for ages 8 to 12. 

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Hand Drawing
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Learn to Draw for Beginners: Explore the Process & Creativity of Pencil Sketching

We will learn the basics of sketching and drawing. We will review how to draw basics shapes and forms while building an understanding of proportions using lines, shapes, tones, and texture. Students will also earn how lines can construct shapes and forms and how values can contrast light and dark to create shadows and reflections. We will discuss and learn different drawing elements while deepening our understanding of the artist's sense and how to use it to make images speak their voice.

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Copy of Beginner's Drawing Class Your Pencil’s Sketch Guide Into Braving Art

Draw a Cute Chibi Character: Students Pick and Sketch in Anime Chibi Style

Each week, we will learn to draw together and create unique and adorable Chibi characters to fan inspired art from various anime shows, games, and movies. We will vote together each week to make "cute" and sometimes "ugly" characters. 

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Anime Drawing Club: Pencil Sketch in Manga Style: Demon Slayer, My Hero, Naruto

We'll draw fan art together while learning the fundamentals of anime facial features and head portions while focusing on different manga styles through characters from different manga series like Demon Slayer, My Hero Academia & Naruto. 

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Some Feature Classes: 

Copy of Copy of Beginner's Drawing Class Your Pencil’s Sketch Guide Into Braving Art Eleme